PS Audio Prelude power cord.

Few days ago received my new PS Audio Prelude power cord to use with my McCormack DNA-0.5 Deluxe amplifier. Right out of the box it made a huge improvement in the bass. But now that I listen to my system for few days with this power cord, I get mixed feelings about it. It appears to roll the highs off a bit. Anybody has this power cord to share their thoughts? Thanks.
I pluged the Prelude cord into my CD player and there was an improvement in noise reduction and detail. I think, due to the large amount of shielding the PS Audio Prelude cord has, that it is more suitable for a digital component. I will try to get the power cord for the amp and then see how it goes before I return it. It's a well made cable. I got to give it that.
I used PS Audio Plus for my power amps and they work well. Kinda of stiff, though
I recently purchased a 2m PS Audio Prelude power cord and am using it on my Classe' Ten amp.The cord fit poorly on the IEC socket on everything I had.Eventually we got it to fit by adding a few turns of electrical tape to the cords molded female end.
Once I was happy the cord was secure we plugged it in and it works.It does exactly what they say it will do. I'm sure you can do better but it'll be expensive. The Prelude in my system is an improvement over the stock cord and its fairly priced.
I am somewhat bothered by its IEC end. We couldn't get it to work at all on somethings(Arcam units to name one) and had to resort to a minor modifcation to get it to sit secure on my Classe amp and pre-amp.
it's pretty scary how tight that iec plug is on the Prelude, isn't it. This cord made my amp sound darker than I like it to. I ended up sending this cord back and got an Audience cord here on a-gon. I'm very happy with it. Made a pretty big difference on the McCormack DNA-125 amp. I will buy another one for my ARC LS15 preamp.
OK, I'm months late to this thread but just ran across it. I too am using a Prelude ACPC on my McCormack DNA05 Dlx, and noted that it gave the amp a slightly darker, tilted-down, frequency balance. However in my case, that was just what I was looking for. I haven't endlessly compared a variety of ACPCs, it was just loads better than the generic cord, was relatively cheap, and made things sound a bit more to my liking. I'm now wishing I had sent this PC to SMC Audio as part of the total package hand-tuning during my last amp upgrade however...