PS Audio Stellar phono question

I have a Stellar Phono preamp which both RCA and XLR outputs.  I will be getting a new preamp that has both RCA and XLR inputs.  Are the XLR outputs on the Stellar Phono truly “balanced”?

Is there an advantage to using the XLR connection between the Stellar Phono and the preamp?


Great phono amp....much better than the more costly Parasound. I love mine using RCA connectors.

Pinwa, I never meant to imply that balanced is intrinsically better than an SE connection. I only wondered about your finding that a short length of balanced IC gave a result that was at least equal to SE, where a long length of balanced fell down. But now I also note that you compared two ICs that are not only different in mode but also different in brand and construction. So your observation is relevant only to those two particular ICs. Which is fine.

Yes, the Stellar's outputs are truly balanced.  On my 5th phono stage and like this one the best.