PS Audio Stellar Phono


Curious as to if anyone has experienced a PS Audio Stellar Phono Preamp? Did you try it at home or at a dealer? I'm considering trying one out for an in home demo to put up against my Musical Surroundings Nova III with the linear power supply to see how it compares. Any insight into either the in home trial is even worth it at this close of a price point? Michael Fremer's views on the Stellar is what has me very very curious and has me considering moving over. I'm a fan of my P10 from PS Audio and feel the Stellar Phono may be the next step. 
I own one, it’s phenomenal. Expressive, detailed, flexible.

I have two minor complaints with it: one is that it requires the remote to change settings. Granted this isn’t something one needs to do often, mildly annoying though.

Two is that it can be sensitive to RF noise. This was noted in one of its reviews as well. Moving the cables around a bit solved the problem for me. My friend has one and lives very close to an AM radio tower so he had to do a little bit more but was able to solve it as well.

Beyond that, it’s an insane value from the money and has really stepped up my analog game.
I had one and was great until it started smoking. Boxed it up sent it back. Bought a Lejonklou and never looked back.
For about the same price check out the Gold Note PS-10 with its matching PSU-10 power supply. By far the best sounding phono preamp I have had over many years. Just another option for you to explore.
@ml8764ag I'd be curious how much the older Musical Surroundings stuff has changed to the III that I have. I'm probably going to dive in and give it a shot. I'm hesitant to take it home for fear I'd keep it. I'd love a Herron but I've heard Keith may be bowing away. 

@smholl ok goldnote research is now on my list to explore. I continue to hear about it so I'll be doing some digging. Possible side by side with my amateur ears and listening skills.