PS Audio Stellar vs. Classe

Seeking some words of wisdom...

I grew tired of my existing Marantz SA-8005 --> Classe SSP-600 ---> Classe CA-2100 setup. 
Thinking of replacing that with PS Audio M700 + PS Audio Stellar DAC (feeding into Martin Logans).
I play mostly classical DSD material. My choice is driven mostly by the price-to-quality value considerations. 

Any thoughts as to
(1) loss/gain of musical fidelity between Classe and PS Audio,
(2) potential issues (like hooking up 700W/ch amp to a 400W rated speakers), and
(3) plausible alternatives
would be much appreciated. 

PS Audio has a 30 day no questions asked return policy with free shipping both ways if you purchase from their website. Need I say more?
Running that exact setup into Classic ESL 9’s. Using an Arcam AVR 850 for pass through multichannel. Fantastic combination. 
While I’m not familiar with the Classe gear, or their house sound, I did buy the PS Audio Stellar stack for a system in a vacation home. I have say I’m really impressed all around - amp/preamp and DAC.  I was skeptical because of others general comments about class D topology.  I needn’t have worried.  They are smooth and very musical.  On a performance spectrum, I’m very happy, and thrilled when I factor in value. I own significantly more expensive gear in another system.  I’m not sure it’s better.   A couple of caveats.  1) I’ve never owned ML speakers and I gather that driving them might offer some strange loads.  I don’t know how the Stellar stack will work with them, though intuitively, I would think pretty well.   2)  The Stellar stack needs to be broken in.  Not sure where you fall on that debate, but I’m now a believer as the gear has gotten significantly better from when I first hooked it up, though it was pretty good out of the box.  
PS Audio has a very generous, no questions asked return policy, but don’t return it without giving it at least 100 hours.  I suspect you’ll be glad with the purchase if you do.