PS Audio Ultimate Outlet with JR Concentra Amp

Would appreciate advice if something like PS Audio UO High Current make a positive difference or does it just limit dynamics.
I used one and didn't think that it had any effect at all, positive or negative.
I use two high current U/O with each one of my amps and they do not limit or choke them in any way at least in my system and also find that good power cords along with dedicated lines improved my system further. If you run big amps then the PC are a must with the U/O.
Happy Listening!
Dtanclim, you've got some serious stuff there, that deserves some serious, quality, electric. Plug your Concentra into an Audio Magic Stealth, or better yet, the Mini Matrix (I think Jerry is making them, now) and plug your digital into the Stealth Mini Digital. Then get back on the 'gon and tell us about your new system. It'll kill ya. If you're interested in purchasing one I can turn you on to the dealer I purchased mine from. Great price and service. peace, warren
Thanks for the responses. Is there anything else to consider with a budget of less than USD500. It seems the Audio Magic stealth is kinda above my budget unfortunately but I do appreciate the input from Warrenh.