PS Audio vs NAD M12

I am new to HEA and am building out my first system.  I want a DAC as part of that system as well as a Turntable.

I have been looking at used equipment....NAD M12 with the BLU bridge and also like the PS Audio DSD programmable DAC.
The NAD does have a pre amp and is MQA compatible.  I like the idea of the PS Audio’s ability to continually upgrade the DAC.

Havent heard either system yet.  Any thoughts/opinions is much appreciated 
Another thing about the NAD M12 that's a huge red flag IMHO is that there's no information about which D/A chip is used. The NAD website doesn't mention it, and none of the reviews mention it. It's a pig in a poke AFAIK.
razorbraun, the NAD M12 looks nice, but the sound is prolly mid-fi at best. My advice is don't waste your money,
I have the PS Audio Stellar Pre/DAC in one system and the NAD M12 in another system and a Parasound Halo system in a 3rd system.  The OP is, I believe, interested in a different PS audio system than what I have, but I’d suggest they consider the Stellar system for the value and warranty.  And, if they’re not interested in that system, I think they could safely go w/ PS Audio as a company that does nice work and builds very good products.

The PS audio stellar stack is an unbelievable value.  The sound quality is remarkable for the price.  While I think the NAD is better overall, it was about 2.5x the price.  And, for some music, the PS Audio is actually better from a musicality standpoint. It’s just very easy to listen to.

Regarding the M12 - I have to disagree with one poster who stated that the NAD is mid-fi.  That’s simply not true.  I fully understand that some may prefer a different sound offered by other topologies, but that’s preference, not an indication of fidelity level.  After break in, the NAD masters electronics are very revealing and quite musical.  To that point, while my Parasound Halo gear is certainly decent, we probably all agree it’s mid-fi.  Plenty good for where I have.  However, the NAD gear is significantly better to my ears in every regard, and far more revealing of details.  Of course, it sounds very different.  But it sounds better, too.  

Of course, I’m know that the NAD M12  can be bettered by super gear at many times the price, but that doesn’t make it mid-fi. Diminishing returns are at play.   

My $.02

Thank you very much... I appreciate the direct comparison.  Tough choice for me as the NAD does act as a pre-amp and I like the ability to add modules.  I like the PS Audio DSD with the programmable chip.  It can act as a pre-amp for the DAC portion only.  I am hoping to add a phono down the road, which the NAD does have inputs for.  Overall cheaper than the PS Audio, don't want to upgrade for a while.
Thanks again