PS auido Direct stream Dac

Hi I am looking to buy a Dac, now i have Cambridge Audio 851N network player.I am looking at the PS audio Direct Stream Dac with the Bridge 11 and the Holo  Audio May Dac KTE, I have a cd player ,but not many cds so most of the time it would used to stream Qobuz ,I also have a nice vinyl set up which i use about 1/2 the time. My ? does anyone have heard both of these dacs ,if so which sounds most like vinyl, I am 64  so I am trying to decide if these are worth the $ or should i just stick with the CA 851N ,any opinions will help .Thanks Lloyd
I had a DSD for several years.  Sold it for $3500 about a year ago I think. It is excellent, though a bit dated and as others have pointed out, is no longer going to be updated.

it was never clear that an update was going to make is sound better so I am less worried about that.  I am not sure I would spend $4k for it today with products like the Rockna Wavelight out there.  That is a very analog sounding DAC.  
Can’t speak about the May.  I know it is well reviewed but I haven’t heard it nor do I know anyone who has done a head-to-head compare with it.  
So DAC have two parts --- the d-a and then the output stage -- For 'vinyl' sound you need a really good output stage.  I find that tubes make a big difference.  Have had two Audio Note DACs. - the more expense one is incredible. the less expensive one was wonderful.   The upper end of the Audio Note Kit line is worth considering if $ is a consideration.  
Thumbs up on the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.  I bought mine as a trade up from a Mytek Brooklynn DAC and found it a significant step up.  ThePS Audio DACs are often available through The Music Room at about half price and, given that the firmware can be updated, they are a great value at that price.

You might also want to look at the Exogal Comet Plus.  It is around $3,200 new.  THe Absolute Sound did a head to head comparison of it to the PS Audio’s DAC (as the reviewers Reference DAC) and found it quite comparable.  It uses calculus based computations on it’s proprietary chip that improves the accuracy of the conversion back to an analog system.   Here is a link to that review:

BEst of luck to you.  
This pS audio dac is being discontinued very soon which they will not tell you,  a complete new model coming out.this is from a excellent source.
 Here is a excellent dac built better then  the majority 
for under $2k very good . It beat my friends Denafrips pontus-2 as well as many $$ dacs 
On many levels especially what counts for me realism and dynamics with crunching tight Bass ,not specs on paper and several user adjustment settings including Vinyl for a warmer setting ,tune to your is a full R2R 
dac .I just ordered one and will be getting in 2 weeks 
underwood Wallys new line the Audio GD R2 MK-2 dac , the flagship I wanted but didnot have almost $5k .
Totally upgraded for 2021 and now has a upgrade firmware port on back for it has several FPGA processors to keep everything 
sounding good.

i agree with many of the comments made, from @verdantaudio and others

there are so many very good dacs out there in the $2000 and up range, each has lovely (if somewhat differently presented) soundscapes

the ps ds will see new lows in used prices soon, maybe approaching 2 grand....without a doubt

not to take anything away from its luscious smooth dimensional sound... those who are not in the ’must have newest most recently reviewed hot sh&t’ camp can buy for very very attractive prices and enjoy the beautiful music it makes