PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

I just plugged in a brand new AC12 into my system last night. This cable runs between my Furutech wall outlet on a dedicated line 10awg cyro'd romex.

This replaced a DIY VH-Audio Flavor 4 (9awg) cyro'd cable with Furutech Gold connectors.

Even after all these years playing with cables, I cannot get over how different power cords sound.

Plugging in the AC12 from wall to Power plant Premier my system went from rather analytical and spacial to warm and rather full bodied. In fact to much so I thought. So I changed some tubes on my pre to some that dial up the spatial qualities and add a bit of leading edge transients and yes things got much better. Then the AC12's sound started changing. I mean it seemingly changed from cut to cut. We'd replay and scratch our heads not being able to understand what was going on. I should know better but I'm impatient and I also understand break in time but this wasn't subtle at all. The cable was continuously changing last night and by the end of the evening, I needed another tube change as the upper frequency spectrum really started to come around. I asked my wife to leave the system playing today and see if the AC12 doesn't settle down.

I've been listening to 2 particular cuts on Joan Osborne "Relish" St Teresa and Dracula Moon seems like forever. I've always felt that the engineer had miked her too close and her voice would get over-driven at times. That simply wasn't the case last night. We sort of were prepared for the cringe factor but it never happened. I was floored. The highs were there in all their glory but the hardness was gone.

This is not so much a review as it is an observation that I wished to share. The cable is not broken in so a review is sort of useless, just my 2 cents. I did audition the AC10 and AC5 and thought they were OK but not worth changing out my very good DIY'ers until I heard the AC12. Well I bought the AC12. I have NO experience with other high end power cables although I'd love to hear a Shunyata or a LessLoss in my system. Now more than ever as I continue to discover how much power cords play a role in a high end system. Now I need to look for a decent digital cable!
Your dead on in your veiw of the cable changing right before your ears, My Ac-10 has 280hrs of play time but as soon as it hit 270 hrs something very spescial happened the sound stage became emence details that where buried deep where effortless and at 282 hrs its still giving up more unheard sound, I had thought the 300 hr breakin was to much , but its dead on, I may pick up a Ac-12 down the road but the Ac-10 once broken in is a hella good buy!
i got my ac12 recently and plugging it from wall to my quintessence. huge different even right out of box. the bass is sometimes powerful(within 50 hours so it's changing). highs are smooth and the soundstage is unbelievably large. i really felt like i changed all my setup. can't wait to hear how it will sound like over 500 hours.
This cable is driving me nuts. It went from smooth to harsh to bright sounding. Now I've got a soft tube setup, the filter on my DAC at 5 to deal with post and preringing and upsampling redbook to 96. It actually sounds quite good in this set. I would guess I'm past the 100 hour mark.

I was, or rather, tried to play Aerosmith "Pump" but it was unlistenable. Just way to aggressive. Just down the list from Aerosmith was Al Dimeola. Now that was amazing. Then I cued up Jennifer Warnes, Blue Coat CD - remastered. With my critical ear the highs are still a bit lacking in texture. The mids lack some in the warmth department as well but at the same time giving great clarity.

I made a change on my 7 nines silver XLR interconnect pair going from Vampire XLR's to the much higher quality Furutech Rhodium's. This seemed to provide a bit more richness for lack of better term and a bit more air but it's difficult to tell honestly as it took me a few hours to perform that change.

Having the AC12 in the system I decided to sink a ground rod in our groundless rental (that didn't prevent "others" from thinking this service is grounded finding ground wires attached to a groundless pipe)and put my dedicated circuits ground to a proper ground. I can't say I noticed any difference (aural memory being what it is) but at least I feel better ;-)

I'll continue to monitor this AC12 and report back. At some point I'll pull it from the system and return my Flavor 4 for comparison.
It's going to take at least 270hrs to bloom and it will, leave it untouched try not to move it! I know what your saying my AC-10 had some fits aruond this point as well at 150hrs it should snap out of it, about 170hrs new details should start to emerge and from there it will continue to amaze!