PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

This cable is driving me nuts. It went from smooth to harsh to bright sounding. Now I've got a soft tube setup, the filter on my DAC at 5 to deal with post and preringing and upsampling redbook to 96. It actually sounds quite good in this set. I would guess I'm past the 100 hour mark.

I was, or rather, tried to play Aerosmith "Pump" but it was unlistenable. Just way to aggressive. Just down the list from Aerosmith was Al Dimeola. Now that was amazing. Then I cued up Jennifer Warnes, Blue Coat CD - remastered. With my critical ear the highs are still a bit lacking in texture. The mids lack some in the warmth department as well but at the same time giving great clarity.

I made a change on my 7 nines silver XLR interconnect pair going from Vampire XLR's to the much higher quality Furutech Rhodium's. This seemed to provide a bit more richness for lack of better term and a bit more air but it's difficult to tell honestly as it took me a few hours to perform that change.

Having the AC12 in the system I decided to sink a ground rod in our groundless rental (that didn't prevent "others" from thinking this service is grounded finding ground wires attached to a groundless pipe)and put my dedicated circuits ground to a proper ground. I can't say I noticed any difference (aural memory being what it is) but at least I feel better ;-)

I'll continue to monitor this AC12 and report back. At some point I'll pull it from the system and return my Flavor 4 for comparison.
It's going to take at least 270hrs to bloom and it will, leave it untouched try not to move it! I know what your saying my AC-10 had some fits aruond this point as well at 150hrs it should snap out of it, about 170hrs new details should start to emerge and from there it will continue to amaze!
Last night was a revealation - pun intended. Mid bass came back and the air around instruments took on a 3 dimensional quality I haven't heard in a while. I'm probably at about 175 hrs. Soundstage is growing, Let it Grow as Clapton would sing.

This is exciting. The wife unit just started warming up the stereo and will report back on her classical offerings. She was having a hard time with this cable not wanting to listen to music but now she's all ears. She doesn't understand the "cable sound" but she's learning fast. "Honey, what if we change the power cable betweeen the DAC and the PPP?"

Scary huh?

You're right on Jdub, I gotta be patient.
Glad to hear it Desalvo55,from hear on out it will just keep on rewarding you, until your past your personal knowledge of what your system is capable of, as you can tell I really love my AC-10, and salavate at the thought of my next upgrade to the Ac-12 and PPP! p.s keep me posted on the continual revelation.
Some time ago, maybe 5 weeks now I had ordered a Porter Port receptacle. Folks on this forum raved about em' and I thought after some frustration with my Furutech outlet, I'd give the Porter port a try. Well it finally showed up (first one was lost I guess).

So what do you do when you have a new piece of audio gear? You install it. So I did. So what was the change?

Probably another case of too soon to comment but here's my initial impression.

I noticed a softening across the entire dynamic range. Best to describe as there was less snap or a diminished quality to the leading edge transients. The upper frequency range seemed a bit rolled off. This affected the sound-stage and the tight focus of instruments was somewhat lessoned. Decay seemed to suffer as well. I spun some Radiohead "In Rainbows" Nude was first up. There is a great amount of decay in Tom Yorke's voice that usually trails off for a long time and gives you great sense of the size of the room he's singing in. This was a bit closed in with the Porter Port. I spun Paranoid Android from OK Computer a very rough number that will generally test your ability to stay in the room if your system has issues. I found this cut easy to listen too and sounding quite good. Nothing jumped out and bit you but rather played in a relaxed fashion. But this isn't a relaxed song. Moving to 3 Guitars, a 96kbps Cd now down-sampled to 48, (Squeezebox 3 digital coax to PWD dammit) the transients again were slightly diminished compared to the Furutech outlet. My wife likes the outlet but admits something is missing in a holographic sense compared to the Furutech.

I think I just hijacked this thread.?

Bottom line, this outlet needs more time. I'm moving it to where my sub outlet resides and returning the magic of the Furutech outlet. So far as I can tell, the Furutech and the AC12 are making magic.

This magic came through late the night before with a play of Sarah Mclachlan Surfacing CD playing Sweet Surrender - there was a true Goose-Bump factor going on. She was solidly standing in front of us as a 3 dimensional image and the sound stage around her went well beyond the speakers. Frickin amazing. I've heard this cut a million times but never, ever this good. It's why we do this, why we spend WAY too much money, and way too much time.

I think the cable is breaking in.