PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

In my system / findings of AC12 :

Excellent - into PPP
Good - into amp
Average into - front ends

When used in tandem, they have a tendency to compound and thicken the sound a little too much, hence loosing micro dynamic and detail. Neutral tonality, but balance wise do found them to be a tad colored - adds a bit of bass, body and fullness to sound - which might be a welcome in some systems. Generally, will perform better with bigger current load and in systems erring on lean side.
Have you mixed 'em up with other cables that seem avoid that compunding effect?

I have some shunyatas thrown in...nothing high end tho, the $200 cord, I can't rememeber what it called...
I recently switched my AC-10 to my Quintet and put my Statement Sc on my amp and find it nice. sources use all AC-3's this setup provides the best overall performance but I do miss the added weight on the amp from the AC-10.The plan is to get an AC-12 for the amp or Quintet but for now I'm pleased.
Sorry, needed to clarify that I meant the weight of the overall sound of the music, image and bass and soundstage with the AC-10 on the physical weight the Statement is heavier but not by much. Hope this is what you meant if not disregaurd!