PS Perfect wave power cord

What are your thoughts about this perfect wave series of power cables?

I recently switched my AC-10 to my Quintet and put my Statement Sc on my amp and find it nice. sources use all AC-3's this setup provides the best overall performance but I do miss the added weight on the amp from the AC-10.The plan is to get an AC-12 for the amp or Quintet but for now I'm pleased.
Sorry, needed to clarify that I meant the weight of the overall sound of the music, image and bass and soundstage with the AC-10 on the physical weight the Statement is heavier but not by much. Hope this is what you meant if not disregaurd!
I wanted to add my experience. You can see in my 1st post that I was not high on the PS Audio AC-12. I never sold them, so 2 weeks ago I pulled them out and put them back where I had tried them before and let the system play with the amp off for a few weeks. I then turned the amp on waited till I got home from work and said well let's see if I still don't like the AC-12, well to say I was pleased was beyond my reaction, I was amazed and how good these same cables that I tried and gave up on sound. Open, transparent, good weight and body, and the bottom end shook my room now with deep tight bass, and upper mid-bass was now there. I've owned power cords that cost 2-4 times more and if I heard the PS-12 fully burned in, I would never have dropped more money on a power cord, these are that good, the others have a "different sound" in sound areas but none, I mean none better. This included Audioquest Tornado and Hurricane, Nordost Frye, and Wireworld Platinum. 
I still have mine in my  setup for every reason you described, I picked up another AC12 about 3yrs ago and last year decided to try Shunyata Venom NR HC and Delta NR HC both went back as the AC12 still preformed better in my setup. The only todate I found plays on the same field is the Clarity Cable Vortex but I'm not parting with the Perfect wave cables and It's been 10yrs !