PS VK Control Center passive preamp

I just acquired PS Audio's "PS VK Control Center" (VKCC hereafter) passive preamp on Craigslist in San Diego. I have been unable to find much of anything on this model. I found a PS Audio website blurb: "The VK control Center was a totally passive version of the LCC III and had limited success and appeal." Reasons for its low appeal? I don't know. If anyone has any knowledge or insight on this little doohickey, please do share.

I swapped out my Lexicon DC-1 for the VK. It needed a lot of balance adjustment: 3 clicks up on the right channel. I haven't done critical listening yet, but there is certainly a difference, subtler than I expected. The high end softened, a welcome change.
Well, it's on one channel right now. :( Should be easy, though. I'll take it to Fred Longworth at Classic Audio Repair in San Diego. I might be open to selling it, provided the current issue is easily resolved. But I want to play with it awhile longer regardless.

Your description is dead on. In addition to a ss# sticker on the back, it has the serial number scratched on the lip, visible when removing the top piece: 0113vk-B. Next to the serial number is the date: 11/81.

Its source is a nothing special Sony cd changer: CDP-CE375. Analog out to the VK, y-cables out of the VK to two Rotel RB-980BX (120wpc) stereo amps, passively biamping a pair of Sony SS M3 bookshelf speakers. Lots of gain with all the amplification. The passive pre doesn't have the high end sizzle, for lack of a better description. The purist in me is delighted.

Just needed some DeoxIT and love. Sounds great. I'm really not in a hurry to get rid of it, certainly not without a replacement.
It didn't escape my notice that going to passive pre would make my source that much more important. As is, it was my weak link. I upgraded to a Rotel RCC-1055. Wow! Not that I've reached nirvana, but I'm no longer plagued with the sense that it sounds *almost* right. Very happy right now. :)

I talk about it my System summary. Learning a bit about impedance matching guided my source upgrade, and it now seems painfully obvious that a passive preamp solution brings impedance matching between source and amp to the fore. I would be interested to audition other passive pre's, just to get a better sense it all.