PSA: KEF Blade drivers seem to be easily repairable and upgradable

I was looking at a YouTube factory tour of KEF Blade and spotted an engineer installing the midrange / tweeter and the bass in the background and suddenly realize that the rubber black circles and the front fascia are magnetic covers. So I used mini air suction cup for an experiment on a blade 2 and with the small force of lifting the lid of a laptop the ring came off and showed 6 little magnets attracting the 3 tiny screws and 3 washers around the bass driver. So I’m guessing it won’t be that hard to upgrade drivers to the new meta if KEF sells them.


We are a kef dealer there is no way to purchase meta drivers they are not doing any upgrades 


If you want meta you have to purchase them

amazing what a cheap plastic box these speakers are.  I owned a pair and was not impressed with what you get for that kind of money.  Mine even had a rattle inside I could never track down that would be excited by certain frequencies.  

Even if you could change the drivers how would you adjust the xover to optimize playback? I've only had mine 8 months and have decided to list them, if they sell i'll check out the blade meta and if they don't shucks, i'll be stuck with my favorite speakers.