PSB Imagine T3's?

Anyone out there either own or are familiar with PSB Imagine T3 speakers? Are they higher end in sound quality, or mid-fi? How do they compare with other speakers in the $7500 vicinity?
Just my honest opinion having spent hundreds of hours with them in a treated listening room. They are well balanced speakers and particularly good if you have a multimedia setup. One great pairing that won’t break the bank is with a Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 integrated. T3’s being made in China at that price point is a big turn off for me but plenty of customers bought them when I was selling PSB. If you like the imagine era PSB sound they are an easy choice. The bass can be a bit bloated if you don’t give them room and using the bungs gives it an uneven sound.

One speaker that easily outperformed it at a similar price point is the ATC SCM 40 v.2. Although it doesn’t have the deep bass of T3’s the bass that it does have is fast and perfectly integrated with the mid and tweeter. Double Impact SE’s (I only mention them because I think the standard DI sounds better than T3’s) and a long list of other competitors like Legacy at similar price points can provide you with a different full range sound if PSB isn’t to your tastes. There is certainly more "sophisticated" sound out there. 
Agreed that you should definitely hear the Legacy Audio Signature SE at that price range.

Also, at around $10K, check out the new Paradigm Persona 3F.  Whoa, I got to hear them Saturday, and they are the real deal.  Not only do they sport a beryllium tweeter, but also a beryllium mid range driver.