PSB Imagine T3's?

Anyone out there either own or are familiar with PSB Imagine T3 speakers? Are they higher end in sound quality, or mid-fi? How do they compare with other speakers in the $7500 vicinity?
Agreed that you should definitely hear the Legacy Audio Signature SE at that price range.

Also, at around $10K, check out the new Paradigm Persona 3F.  Whoa, I got to hear them Saturday, and they are the real deal.  Not only do they sport a beryllium tweeter, but also a beryllium mid range driver.
@ easola01

I haven't heard the T3 yet.  I was just putting some options out there to check out.
Haven't played anything yet on t3's...I am curious as to other people's opinion on these speakers. Helps me to get a sense of their worth