PSB Imagine T3's?

Anyone out there either own or are familiar with PSB Imagine T3 speakers? Are they higher end in sound quality, or mid-fi? How do they compare with other speakers in the $7500 vicinity?
One of the reviews of the PSB imagine T3 speakers called them, for the $7500 price, a game changer. That caught my eye to these speakers
Great speakers for the price but not sure if I’d call them game changers. When they were released I had Synchrony One’s as secondary speakers and wasn’t expecting T3’s to be much better...I was wrong. If you own NAD Masters gear they are a sure thing.
The T3s are super neutral loudspeakers. They absolutely don't go well with McIntosh. They go very well with NADs. That was that my experience was from at least 3-4 demos I had. They need space to shine. The more upscale the equipment, the more they can reveal. I also compared them to the BW 804 D3 and I preferred the T3s. Initially I thought I liked the 804D3, but after a while I realized that it was the hot tweeter that I was attracted to. That gets boring and fatiguing after a while. To answer your question - yes, they are indeed hi-end. Now a person who can afford a $60-100k loudspeaker will obviously not think about them being hi-end.
I seriously considered PSB T3s before going a different direction with my primary system. (I currently own Imagine Ts in a tertiary system.) I second james_w514 on the NAD/PSB pairing. I spent a couple hours listening to PSB T3s driven by a NAD 375BEE and I really liked the presentation for the price point. I wouldn't describe the bass presentation as "bloated" per se, but I would agree to a description of it not being "tight" bass. Importantly, you should not pay $7500 for PSB T3s. They are often offered for sale here for much less. Game changer? all depends on the game you are currently playing. Comparison with others in the $7500 bracket? I have heard the speakers james_w514 mentions above and I agree that the PSB T3 is a more enjoyable presentation than the Revel and Focals mentioned. I have not heard the other speakers listed above.