PSB Imagine T3's?

Anyone out there either own or are familiar with PSB Imagine T3 speakers? Are they higher end in sound quality, or mid-fi? How do they compare with other speakers in the $7500 vicinity?
Wow ajpk1971....great testimonial. Hope I like them as much as you do. Need to spend $20000 to get better...that is fantastic
Just because the MacIntosh costs more does not mean it will pair well with a given loudspeaker. I was at a dealer and they were playing the T3s with the Mc integrated (huge sized one). It sounded so boring, which is completely contrast to the demo I had at a dealer in DC, who ran them off a NAD Master Series amp. Then they changed the speaker to a Sony $10k loudspeaker. Things did not change much. Just slightly better, but in my mind my existing stereo sounded much more musical.
At AXPONA 2017, they had the T3s playing and they were making superb music without sounding boring. This was again with NAD, I believe. I am sure a Pass or Parasound amp can drive this speaker to great audio enjoyment.
In the year 2000 I had listened to a PSB Silveri with Krell Class A monos. It was a demo I cannot forget to this day. 
They are great speakers but you absolutely do not have to spend more than $20K to get better. That statement is completely ridiculous.
I have a wells audio innamorata power amp and a level 1 modified jolida fusion preamp. I hope these will be a good match for the T3 speakers
I have them and they are great. Came from Joseph Audio RM25XL. They do like power amps with good control, I use mone with Nord One Up mono blocks and PS Audio BHK hybrid preamp. My room is only 13' x 15' have both bottom woofers plugged and bass is the best I ever heard in my room. Yes you can get them for less also I did bought the demo's