PSB Stratus Gold upgrade to PSB Synchrony One

I have a PSB Stratus Gold that I like very much. It is used in an mostly vinyl analog system with either a Sota Cosmos IV, Transrotor Fat Boy or Oracle Delphi V. Cartridges are Lyra Delos, Ortofon Kontrapunkt B, Dynavector 17D2 or Benz Micro Slider. Phono preamp is either PS Audio GCPH or SimAudio LP5.3. Amplification is Dussun V6i, Classe C100 or Nobis Contigore.

I am thinking of upgrading to PSB Synchrony One speakers and am wondering if this is a major step up from the Stratus Gold (non "i" version). I dont want to make a sideways change, or a minimal change, but something that is truly noticeable without spending more than 5K. Has anyone here made that upgrade and if so, was it worthwile?
I have gold stratus i and upgraded main system platinum T-6. I liked the Synchrony better but not at twice the price[closeout on T-6]. A little different sound and less forgiving than gold or platinum series but an excellent value especially at their price.
I have to agree with Jaybo. I went from Goldi's to Synchrony Ones and ended up underwhelmed and sold them. I found the Goldi's to play really loud and soak up as much power as I could give them while displaying a wide, deep soundstage and very impressive dynamics. They were involving and fun and had great presence. The Synchronies had cleaner highs and the bass was less sloppy but they left me feeling a bit cold and most of the fun was gone. They were certainly more refined but that didn't make me enjoy the music more. I think Goldi's are one of the great values although they are getting a bit long in the tooth for buyers. I kept my Goldi's when I got the Synchronies but then my wife decided we should move to a smaller house by the beach and I lost my big hifi room so now I have monitors and subs in my new small listening room.

Main thing, I bought the Synchrony Ones because I hoped they shared the "PSB house sound" of the Goldi's but really to my ears they went in the direction of more reserved and refined sound. If you like a raspy Mustang V8 instead of a balanced Acura V6 with a V-Tec valve train then keep your Golds or look elsewhere before you plunk your money down on Synchronies.

Just one listener/buyer's opinion after a back to back purchase and comparison in my own home with the same equipment.
Thanks, Biz. Just the sort of input I was looking for. I do enjoy the Golds, so I might just stick with them. They are certainly not lacking for slammin' out the tunes.