Psvane Teflon capacitors real or fakes?

These are great looking capacitors and supposed to be competing against the Audience, Rel, V-Cap, and Sonicap Teflon capacitors. A couple of my tweaky friends who have no end to new capacitors gave them a try and had one quit after a month or so, and with the wire cut off, no return possible. So they cut it open, yes they are curious, and according to them, the guts looked like mylar, measured like mylar??? Could these not be Teflon caps after all??? I open this for discussion with some of the tweaky electonic minds out there to get to the bottom of this. If they are not genuine teflon, I would not want fellow audiophiles to get ripped by another false claim. But to be fair, real verifiable data should be submitted here, no guesswork. I trust my friends, but I did not do the test, so I open it to other philes. Hey, I like a great deal too, but if it is not as advertised, I get pissed too. Take a look fellow philes, and lets solve the mystery....Jallen
I had hoped to hear from one or more of the other manufacturers as to what adequate product information should be expected. This information, without disclosure of intellectual property, can greatly assist purchasing decisions for consumers. Jallen
To answer Jallen: if you read my answer line by line: it states clearly that "Psvane caps use teflon shield for the leads, and the highest grade Polyester (BoPET) film from Dupont as insulation film."

Not sure what you mean by 'Why not at this time just tell us that the dielectric is BoPet/Polyester Film".

Product information disclosure is up to the manufacturer and when different languages are involved, communication has extra barrier. I do not believe Psvane Audio intentionally mislead anyone and we as re-seller will provide as much information as we can and respond to inquiries as fast as we can. I haven't seen other re-seller to put up their answers yet - I look forward to reading their stories.

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Grant Fidelity, My reference was to the 1/20/2012 post. You clarified this in the 1/31/2012 post. My point was with the 1/20/2012 post, there seemed to be some confusion as the statement was made after cutting a cap open at Grant Fidelity and the appearance was that of "the film does look like teflon to my eyes" and not clarified until your recent post. My point being, there seemed to be some perception even in Canada there was more teflon present than in the leads. Perhaps more than one person there responding to the posts. Again thanks for your efforts, Jallen
This seems unambiguous to me:

It is for improving your audio system performance. These Copper foil Teflon file capacitors are professionally manufacturered with Oxygen free copper foil and pure teflon film to achieve the best audio improvements over other type of caps.

And this:

These Copper foil Teflon file capacitors are professionally manufacturered with Oxygen free copper foil and pure teflon film to achieve the best audio improvements over other type of caps.

(Polk Audio! Somebody should tell them!)

And this:

Psvane Reference Cap, High End Capacitor, handwound with Teflon Copper Foil!

And this:

pcX has begun to stock the PSVANE Reference line of Copper Foil & Teflon Film Capacitors.

And so on.

Mylar capacitors, sold around the world, marketed as teflon. I'm sorry, but GF's "translation" excuse doesn't hold water, cuz everybody's translating the same.