PTP Audio vs Garrard 301

May I ask for thoughts for those of you who have experience regarding the PTP Audio Solid vs professionally refurbished Garrard 301?
Thank you!

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I was a Garrard 401 owner for many years, it was mounted in a 9 Stone in weight Granite Plinth.

The Garrard had undergone a Platter Bearing upgrade, so was not entirely original spec'.

I moved onto a PTP Solid Nine with the PTP Bearing and a Speed Controller.

I have not compared these Two TT's side by side, but feel sure the PTP is a very good version of a Idler Drive TT.

Additionally, not too many months ago, I have been demonstrated a newly owned 401 which is mounted in a compressed Bamboo Plinth.

The demonstration was carried out in a system, that I had used the PTP in, with a short period of time between the two sessions.

I do not recall any differences that would suggest one is noticeably differing from the other.

I am not aware of any location a review can be found, comparing the PTP / 301, where TT's have been identically mounted, with the same Tonearm>Cart' and system in use.  


The second review says the idler drive “frees” one from the “problems of direct drive”. That’s a new idea to me for sure. I wonder what those problems are, in comparison to idlers. In neither review do we get a same tonearm, same cartridge comparison of the two idlers. However I think you can’t go terribly wrong with either the Garrard or the PTP, but I’d choose the PTP with motor controller and big bearing.

An aside, SPH makes an aftermarket bearing for both Lenco and Garrard. I have two and they sound great.

SPH also produces a Bearing Spindle that is Composite.

It has the Steel within the Housing and a Material of choice to be in contact with the Platter.

I have been demonstrated one with a Ebony Wood, as the choice made for the Material in contact with the Platter. 

There are also options, on all offered bearing types for the Lenco, to have a Part produced to be compatible with a Stacked Patter configuration.