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I (in New York) would like to purchase an amp from a Canadian audiogoner and am wondering whether the transaction will attract customs duties, etc.

In the past, I sold a piece to a Candian audiogoner and the poor guy had the speakers stuck at custom for a month and ended up having to pay something like 20% duty.  Is the same thing going to happen to me?


tropicana20 (lenny miles)

golfnutz is correct. Percentage of item's declared value is contained within tariff codes for each country. I doubt anyone is getting any electronic equipment from Canada duty free (exception of smaller items via Canada post, USPS). The US purchaser may not see a duty because the exporter paid it, just as I do when shipping to Canada. Bigkidz is correct, I've shipped my Coincident amp and preamp back to Canada for upgrades a number of times, always marked return for warranty repair. I believe Israel avoids or minimizes duties in doing this. Upon shipping units back via UPS or Fedex I always pay duty. I also order lots of stuff from Partsconnexion, can't recall ever paying duty via Canada Post/USPS,
I reside in Canada and have sold several pieces of audio equipment to US buyers.Here's the play list:1.Use Canada Post and yes you can request a tracking # for a nominal fee.Delivery time is 7 to 10 business days.Always include the buyers ph# on the shipping label.
2.There is no duty,tax or other extraneous charges imposed by the US government to the buyer if the value is less than $800.
3.The value of the item must be declared by the seller on a Customs form at the time of shipping.If you devalue the item and it is damaged in transit your claim will be based on the declared value.If you require more detailed information flip me a pm


Just to add some additional information.

Depending on the shipping method, tracking is included. Otherwise, you could pay additional fees for tracking.

If you have tracking, you should try using the destinations national postal service to track the package using Canada Post’s tracking number.

This is the message Canada Post shows when shipping international packages. This is the reason for mentioning the above.

"Your item has arrived in the country you sent it to and has been accepted by the destination post.

We rely on local postal services to share tracking information. There is no further tracking information available for this item yet".

Insurance for Canada Post shipments are a maximum of $1000 CAD.

I just shipped something overseas (Xpresspost), and it wouldn’t allow me to add additional insurance over the $100 that Canada Post defaults to. If I used Surface shipping (2-3 months), it would allow additional insurance, or if I used Priority (2 - 5 days, can’t remember exactly), it would also allow extra insurance. The shipment went via EMS, which is owned by Canada Post.