Purchased new speakers, need amp suggestion

I am just getting back into the hobby after a few years out.  i just purchased a pair of Focal Aria 936, love them already, i am currently using a Denon DR 800 2 channel streaming receiver(purchased so we can stream Sirius XM) i will be using the zone 2 output to run the amp.  looking to stay around the 1k range.  Any help appreciated.
Something with balls. The Aria 936 is not as efficient as the specs might have you believe. I'd look for a class AB amp of at least 75watts/ch RMS power. $1K is quite limiting as far as new amps go, so you might be better off with a pre-owned amp. 

You could do a lot worse than this Luxman:


or this Exposure:


If you must buy new, I'd get this Parasound:


^Nowhere else are you going to find a brand new amp of that quality and power for $1K. 

The Parasound would be a great choice. I run one and am extremely please. The amp offers great flexibility and power for the price. 
Honestly, $1K seems like too low of a budget for those speakers. I cringe a little as I type this but consider an Emotiva xpa-2.