purchasing US made speakers

I currently have psb imagine t2 speakers. I am interested in replacing them with US manufactured speakers 10-12 k being the maximum price....perhaps aerial acoustics, vandersteen,,,,,any thoughts? My hearing at age 70 diminishes at 8,000 hz so a good midrange is probably good.
Legacy Audio manufactured in Springfield, IL. The Focus SE or Focus XD fall into your budget.
There are so many speakers made in the USA that it would be difficult to list them all.  You can add to the list Martin Logan and Klipsch.

For the issues the OP discussed, I would definitely look into Martin Logan and Klipsch.  

The amp to be used would be very important .  I have also seen many small lessor known manufacturers at audio shows such as the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  Some were very well done to outstanding and I had never heard of them before.  Unfortunately with the pandemic, going to audio shows is out.  However, lists presented by others here actually help.  You still have to match them with your current amp and listen if possible.

but, as I've found out with headphones, there are a lot of speakers out there.  

I'm flipping through my 2018 RMAF booklet and there is an incredible number of speakers listed.  the booklet doesn't tell you if they are made in the USA or not, but I remember going from room to room and I can tell you many were, and about more than half I had never heard of before.

There's a local company here called SilverLine Audio , designer is Alan Yun, and he offers a wide range of speakers that should meet your needs....
+1 on Salk. In your price range you could do the new SS9.5 with the midrange that can be open or closed. I own the Song3 BeAT with the same tweeter and midrange driver.  Midrange is outstanding.  
It's the size and shape of your room (and the placement in the room) that matters most. Don't buy a speaker you have not auditioned in your room. Try as many as you can before purchasing. I've had modestly priced speakers that outperformed much expensive ones because of room interactions or inability to place the speakers where they can sound their best (WAF and other practical considerations) If you have to change your amp to suit the speaker, so be it.