Purchasing vinyl online

Now that we can't flip through records in a store once again, what recommendations are out there for good quality vinyl sources?  I just got burned on Discogs purchasing a near mint record that was full of pops and clicks.  Not necessarily looking for used.  What are your thoughts on MoFi and their pressings?

Amazon. If you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund. Just watch out for excessive shipping charges. 
Although I've had similar negative experience purchasing off discogs, the wide variety of records and some of the great sellers far outweigh the bad. I'm a collector and seller on discogs myself, and appreciate knowledgeable and experienced buyers. 
If you, or anyone reading this thread, are interested in purchasing through my online store, feel free to DM me for my store link. 

Agreed @richie1975. I’ve been buying most all my vinyl on Discogs, and 98%+ of my purchases have been an excellent experience. I prefer original or first generation repress/remasters (mostly from the 70’s); most all classical. If you look at a sellers rating and feedback, you’ll know if you are dealing with an ‘honest broker’ in most cases. And, it’s also possible to get a ‘mint’ album that also has noise because of the pressing or poor vinyl used on certain runs.

I just purchased about 17 albums from a seller on Discogs, ‘Philadelphiamusic’, and was very very impressed by the quality of my purchases, most all were claimed to be ‘VG’ or ‘VG+’, and were every bit of that if not a bit under-graded. Incredibly clean vinyl and sleeves. All for about $50 shipped, or about $3 an album. Pretty hard to beat.
Your local music store should or might have an online presence. You can always buy from them