Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp

I have high efficiency 100dB speakers klipsch KLF 30 with mods  
im trying to decide pure class A or Tube amp 
Any Pure class A recommendations will be appropriated especially the one sound good at low volume under 6K MRSP .
I heard them with a Rogue Audio integrated.  Not for long, but I thought it was pretty impressive. Others here not so much.

You can get a class A Plinius SA 102 or 103 used (125 watts) for half of your target and have a world class amp that doesn't even need anything like 100dB efficiency. An upgrade/rebuild can be done for around 1500 and then you have a nearly new amp that I have compared with $10,000 amps. 
"...I’m trying to decide pure class A or Tube amp..."

There are lots of tube amps that run in class A. Look for single ended triode or pentode (or beam power) design tube amps. No experience with your speakers but Line Magnetic models with 300B or 845 tubes sound fantastic with high efficiency speakers.
I own both a class A SS amps and a class A tube amps.
I owned the Klipsch KLF 30 (unmodified) and one set of speakers I currently use is the Klipsch Forte III's.
While both amps sound very good, I give the edge to the tube amp.
I believe if you stay with a major brand name that has a good reputation you can't go wrong. I prefer not getting into suggesting manufacturers at this time.