Pure Class A SS vs Tube Amp

I have high efficiency 100dB speakers klipsch KLF 30 with mods  
im trying to decide pure class A or Tube amp 
Any Pure class A recommendations will be appropriated especially the one sound good at low volume under 6K MRSP .
I use a Schiit Aegir.  It sounds wonderful.  20W

Also, Monarchy Audio.  Been in business a long time.  Pure class A.  Stereo and Mono block versions. Simple circuit with no feed back.

Pass Labs and First Watt.  Nelson Pass is a legend
I saw a completely rebuilt Krell KSA50 a while back for $2000 that would have been great. 

almarg FWIW I suspect that the solid state Pass XA25 I use would be fine in that regard
lordrootman OP
thanks you’re exactly right is rated 102dB
I will check pass lab out

I would also check out for "value" the Schiit Aegir 20w of Class-A which Stereophile measured at 28w, "low noise" and also far cheaper than the Pass would be. https://www.schiit.com/products/aegir and you don’t like it within 15 days you can send it back
I was pleasantly surprised by the Schiit Aegir’s measured performance. It is a well-engineered amplifier at an affordable price.—John Atkinson

 And because your KLF30’s are bi-ampable, you could bi-amp them with two Schiit Aegirs in vertical-biamping.

Or one Schiit Aegir for the mids and highs and a Schiit Vidar for the bass horizontally bi-amped. (may need a Schiit Sys to even out the gain)

Cheers George
Funny you should ask as I just went thru this transition.
While my Cary amp was in the shop, I ran across an inexpensive
pair of pass diy monoblocks so i bought them as a filler.
They are a whopping 7wpc of pure class A. I immediately knew I
was either a monoblock guy or class a guy as they sound was
so much more detailed -I had to have it.
My Tannoy speakers are rated 94 sensitivity and even so at full volume
you did not need to leave the room.
So yes they are underpowered for a large room or orchestral music.
I have worn out ears and do not listen loud anymore- 75db max.
I sold the Cary and bought a 25wpc class a amp that I am breaking in
as i type. Not missing the tubes. I may buy a tube preamp though.
Your horn klipsch speakers may get a bright with all class a. The right
cables would likely overcome that. Good luck!!

I’m very please for great response from everyone thanks appreciated 
after reading all the comments and suggestions  I have decide to separate my 2 channel from home theater  
now my new preamp Michi P5 is class A design well I don’t know much about class a preamps I just love the looks lol
I think passlab XA25 first Watts J2 Shiit Aegir and some monoblocks are in consideration I need to read more 

"...first 6 watts is pure class A sounds really good I’m just wondering what I’m missing i guess I need more class A..."

With speakers @ 102dB efficiency, of course depending on your room size, I suspect most if not all of your listening is within the class A envelope.