pure ipod dock

I have to tell you this dock is absolutely great. After 3 days it gets better and the built-in dac pretty dam good. Makes my ipod a new source in the living room. Even in the he-man room not too shabby. Also bypassing the internal dac and using an ACK or any non over sampling dac I had it sounded better. Plugging into a linn sc player sounded very good and so easy to use . The video output is very cool, a great extra. I never though I would say it but at $100 it rocks blows the I 70 out of the water. A keeper
03-26-11: Tarsando
"Huh, I must be looking at the wrong product, but best as I can figure out, the pure ipod deck that I see online doesn't bypass the internal ipod dac."

Same here. It looks like it's the same as the Apple dock/charger I got with my iPhone for $50.
No it has its own dac. It also give you the option of toslink or coaxial to use your dac of choice.
the i-20 has a option of using the on-board dac or digital ic/optical out to the dac of your choice.