pure ipod dock

I have to tell you this dock is absolutely great. After 3 days it gets better and the built-in dac pretty dam good. Makes my ipod a new source in the living room. Even in the he-man room not too shabby. Also bypassing the internal dac and using an ACK or any non over sampling dac I had it sounded better. Plugging into a linn sc player sounded very good and so easy to use . The video output is very cool, a great extra. I never though I would say it but at $100 it rocks blows the I 70 out of the water. A keeper
Hotmailjbc, the Pure online shop won't let me order for shipping to any country outside the UK. Their store finder won't do any other country than the UK, Germany or Switzerland. So, Coffee2, how do I order one for a North American address ? Do I have to email a British retail store ?