Pure solid silver wire


  I am looking to buy Pure solid silver wire for wiring a power strip.  Anyone here have recommendations on were to purchase?  

Is this a home brew power strip you’re making? If so just stick with copper and buy better receptacles as I suspect that will make a bigger difference and not burn your house down. I’d suggest send a email off to Chris at VH Audio for starters... serious on that part.
Hi Astronut1,
I recommend Sonicraft, whatever you end up buying. They have a great variety of quality wire of all types and have always been helpful in giving advice about the best wire to use for a specific application.
Spinaker01... not necessarily is the silver conductor the concern, but finding a heavy enough gauge that is adequate to be 12 or 10 AWG in silver to begin with. The concern and I was half joking about burning down the house is the insulation rated for higher heat that will stay flexible and not melt and cause a fire. Not sure most audiophile low voltage cables have proper insulation for a power cable or a distribution box. I’d suggest buy Cryo 10 AWG romex from VH Audio and cut the outer sheath off. This will be one solid core conductor and not a bunch of cables twisted together meaning a better contact and a lot easier to work with. I’d put my money in the receptacles such as some Hubbell Cryo Porter Ports or one can spend a lot more but for a distribution box I think these will be more than sufficient... again I’m assuming the OP is building something from scratch. Lastly don’t wire with a fix power cable but use an IEC inlet. Good luck.