PurePower what are your thoughts?

Thinking of buying a PurePower conditioner, what are your thoughts of the newer 2000 + vs the original?
I've heard from 10 other owners of PP that have had no issues and my unit is working flawlessly.

(Dealer disclaimer)
In April I got the 1050 from Canada and have had no problems. I considered the upgrade but at high listening levels the 1050 shows a 30% max load. At a normal listening level with no input power I ran it for just over 30 min and the display still showed 45% remaining battery.
Pity as it is superior to the PS Audio similar products.
how do you know this? did you swallow their campaign literature hook, line & sinker? OR, do you have your own personal experience to back-up this statement? OR, are you simply mouthing off what was told to you by a dealer/friend/acquaintance?