PurePowerAPS Canada concern

I've had a new PurePower APS 2000+ unit for just over 5 months and recently the battery will not charge. After Damian of PurePowerAPS helped diagnose the problem they said they would do a call pick-up to send back to the factory in Canada for repair. Here is his reply...

Hi Steve,

If you get no voltage reading from the Regenerator unit's Power Pack connector when it is plugged in and the breaker is in the on postion, it will almost certainly be a charger issue or charger interconnect wire contact problem inside the Regenerator unit.

I can supply a prepaid UPS waybill for a return trip and have it checked, corrected, tested, and back out the door in 24 hours. When you receive it you can re-attach the Power Pack and it will fully re-charge the batteries over a 12 hour period.

Let me know if I should use the address information we have on file and when to schedule pickup. If you prefer we can also just send the prepaid waybill to your email and you can either arrange a pickup at your convenience or drop the package off at any UPS location.


So this was late October and ever since PP now does not return emails or phone calls. Very disappointed in how they treat customers and would made sure everyone knows before buying a PP unit. Maybe they are out of business but I had many emails back and forth until it was ready to be shipped back for repair.

If this situation changes I will post an update.

Looks like the Taiwan company also using the PurePower name is being renamed due to the loss of a lawsuit (don't know their new name). I have heard that they are much better to deal with than the Canadian folks.
Thanks sksos, I've been saving for a PurePower and just ready to buy but will look elsewhere, I hope they get their act together soon but they just lost another customer and will make sure others know as well.
I am going to purchase from them shortly. Currently own the old model PP2000 which has been superb. Sorry to hear about the above as I have always experienced great customer service.
My unit has been back for repair since July with a similar issue. I am not getting any e-mail response either, and every time I called, I get the "it's scheduled to be fixed and shipped out at the end of this week" speech.

Vicks why would you buy from them based on this recent info? Buying wasnt a problem but if you have a problem with the unit then you will be sitting on a boat anchor.