Purifi v Gan amps?

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare Purifi based amps eg MarchP422, Purifi etc with Gan amps such as LSA Voyager or Peachtree Gan 400 or similar?


My Audiophonics hpa-s400et Purifi amplifier isn't boring, has excellent 3D imaging with no paper cutouts. Sounds neutral, detailed, and smooth/natural sounding.

I will add that I use BACCH-4MAC-Pro. So I might be cheating a tad! 

@soix Professor Edgar Chourier should get the equivalent of a Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to furthering this hobby.

In 47 years of being an Audiophile it’s the
"Greatest Sonic Leap Forward" I’ve been able to achieve in my reference system. It’s the level above the next level, and will leave you speechless. The 3D soundstage is so authentic and tangible it can be gleefully traumatic (eerily spooky). It makes my well treated room and Legacy WhispersXDS openbaffle speakers completely transform to whatever venue is recorded.

Nothing will prepare you for it. Using two speakers and not 11.2 or whatever Dolby Atmos is up to is impractical, and wrong-headed.
Those people are chasing the Dragon.

I slayed mine!

I can not recommend highly enough the Bacch4Mac software as an infinitely more practical way to achieve everything you’ve been missing.

No change in your system will give you the gestalt or nearly enough improvement in 3D realism and purity. (His 10 patents are warranted because he’s the only one who figured out how to preserve and extract the spatial info without affecting Tonality or Timbre. This is also why it’s a game changer.

@jcarcopo Thanks!  That’s what I would’ve thought but great to hear from someone who actually uses it.  


Ralph’s class D amps (Gan) have input of 100K ohms - this is good. They are only suitable for 60hz/120 V supplies. This makes them unsuitable for about 6 billion people.

This statement isn't correct- our class D can run on 50Hz/235V no worries- our French distributor has a set right now.