Purist Audio Dominus, Worth it?

Hi everyone,
I have owned and liked Purist Audio cables for a number of years, starting years ago and followed and purchased new designs over the years, I am currently at the Proteus Rev B stage. My question is should I take the plunge and go for the Dominus at the insane asking price or is there something out there that may be better overall(yes I know that this is highly subjective). Anyone have any expierience in this area? I'm talking primarily about the interconnect. My system: Atma-Sphere pre and amps, Soundlab speakers. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
Bryceeboy-Albert is a Purist guy all the way! If he doesnt respond here, then maybe a e-mail would be fitting.
Others to consider as well are Nordost Valhalla and Jena Labs Pathfinder. All are terrific.

Let us now your findings.
I owned Dominus speaker cables for about 3 1/2 years; prior to an upgrade from Collosus and then Proteus. This was speaker cable only, mind you, but the improvements were not small, and well worth it. Fortunately, I was able to take advantage of a trade-up program Jim Aud offered ( I don't believe this is still available), making it financially plausible.

Recently, I swapped nearly all my cabling for FIMs. They are definitely worth evaluating IN your system. Many outstanding products out there. It's a matter of accessibility for trial and favorite flavor.
The Dominus is quite a bit more transparent than the Proteus. It is worth the upgrade if your system is up to it.
I have used both over the years and for me they're still the best out there.
I have been doing a test of well over twenty cables over the past six months, and although I'm not ready to write a review I can tell you in my system the Dominus, NBS Statement and FIM Gold were interchangable. None added any toning to the performance and they all had extremely dark backgrounds with hightened detail and transparency. I now use two of the three brands in my system.

I am waiting to test the Valhalla. From everyone I've talked to, I'll be selling my existing cables soon.