Puritan 136 vs 156 for simple system

I am looking at these two options for a fairly simple two channel system. My set up is:

Musical Fidelity A1

Gustard R26 DAC

Eversolo A6 Streamer

What I am wondering here is would it really be worth it to upgrade to the 156 over the 136?


The speakers in question top many $5-10k speakers. I have a very well balanced system I just want to find a good power solution in the price range mentioned above. Power distribution with light filtering would be nice.  Was wanting input on power options. I know how to piece together a two channel setup. This would be my budget system and sounds pretty amazing for the price.

The Puritan 136 has surge protection too.

if your AC has DC noise you’ll sense an improvement for sure.

no regrets on my 2 Channel digital only system

Don't waste your money on the Puritan......The new ANSUZ MAINS 8 has Tesla Coils and is in a whole different league. I have one. . My system's musicality and Realism has taken a big jump forward( Very noticeable) since it entered my system. AGD is way ahead of the competition on many fronts (Borresen, Aavik, ANSUZ ) call Mike at Hi Fi Loft in NYC.

I have looked at the Ansuz Mainz8 but its a bit out of my price range from what I can see.