Puritan Ultimate Power Cable

I’m considering replacing my power cables over the year.

Does anyone have experience of the Puritan range?

To power an integrated amp, LPS for network switch, Dac, DDC, power block, streamer, Intel Nuc.



Would I buy seven? Probably not.

But have planned things out to the end of the year. Have to pay for the Sound Anchors speaker stands I’ve bought.

Then buy four of the Puritan Ultimate power cords, a Puritan PSM156, some Black Ravioli Pads and Big Pads, and perhaps some Stack Audio Auva.

A second 156 is on the way with three more ultimate cables. I found my PC solution. Absolutely fantastic in my chain. 

I’ll be interested to get your take. I have definitely found the other two levels below to be very smooth, not seeming to take anything away from the music.

After adding two Puritan conditioners to my two systems, I finally was able to pick up a used Ultimate cable from a seller who happened to reside in the same city. I was anxious to get it home and try it out. 

I’ve read a few posters communicate a mild sense of shock on the level of impact the Ultimate made in their system. Now I see why. The level of upgrade is substantial. It’s a richer, bigger, more nuanced sound. Oh yeah, the base is deeper and more pronounced too. 

Big improvement.