PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound

If you already own one or more PURONs, you have come to appreciate them..  Imagine the possibilities, when you are no longer limited to plugging something into a receptacle, in order to hear further benefits...

PURON RESOLVE is a new product that is roughly the size of an outstretched hand, 7x4x1.  It offers the same exceptional properties as the PURON plug-in filter.  Some applications may include: over or inside components, cables, and inside the circuit breaker box.

The effects of PURON RESOLVE are noticeable and immediate,  They absolutely compliment the PURON plug-in filters.  Now, without the need for a wall receptacle or power conditioner, the sound of recorded music can be customized to new levels.



@hilde45 - Nice, pass the Shimmer please, I need some for my butterscotch pudding!

Regarding PURON RESOLVE, I am finding it hard to even find any information about it.  There is a YouTube video but Underwood HiFi, a popular Puron dealer, doesn't appear to carry it yet, and even a Posi+ive Feedback review of the Puron AC Power Conditioner from from this month doesn't mention the Resolve.  

There have been a number of these "set it on top" type products over the years (including bags of crystals, Shakti Stones, and more) and I have yet to see any of them really stand the test of time.  I would like to understand exactly what the Puron Resolve does, and how.  Maybe magnets?  It would be nice if the manufacturers of this stuff would explain "how" they actually work instead of the one-dimensional SOP of creating expectation bias by hyping the supposed fantastic outcomes that will undoubtedly result from using their product.

Good Afternoon

This is a new Puron product that just arrived some 4 weeks ago.

I had mentioned this product on Facebook and in other places. 

I had interest from a few people either using Puron or the Swiss Digital FUSE BOX and I shipped several out a few weeks back. 

I liked it a lot myself and thus far the comments here and in other places have been real good. 

The new site is up and running (verafiaudio.com) and once we have the gremlins tackled we will post more information on this and some of our other new products. 

Puron itself has been very successful with over 1600 units shipped and a return rate far less than 1%. I believe Resolve will do just as well - as will Puron FOCUS coming in a few months. 

Thanks - Mark 


We have only recently provided the Puron Resolve to Tom Gibbs from Positive Feedback only a few weeks ago (per my post above) - he has them now and perhaps in the future may (or may not) offer a Review. 

I personally hope so. 

Thanks - Mark