PURON RESOLVE creates new options for better sound

If you already own one or more PURONs, you have come to appreciate them..  Imagine the possibilities, when you are no longer limited to plugging something into a receptacle, in order to hear further benefits...

PURON RESOLVE is a new product that is roughly the size of an outstretched hand, 7x4x1.  It offers the same exceptional properties as the PURON plug-in filter.  Some applications may include: over or inside components, cables, and inside the circuit breaker box.

The effects of PURON RESOLVE are noticeable and immediate,  They absolutely compliment the PURON plug-in filters.  Now, without the need for a wall receptacle or power conditioner, the sound of recorded music can be customized to new levels.



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Where are these L I asked yesterday and the response was they are not even out yet.

Good Grief 

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I'm not going to try to slug it out here. Puron has done really well, and I'm quite sure Resolve will too. 

Label it tweaks etc, does not bother me one bit 

Current Reviews for Puron and SDFB have raised these products to the next level 

Puron here 


Fuse Box above 

To me, these products don't cost too much and deliver very real improvements 

We are really proud of both

Thanks - Mark 



Where are these L I asked yesterday and the response was they are not even out yet.

how dare they…off with their heads 

I was referring to the plug in modules , the Furutech  connector type are sonically superior to the cheaper $250 ones for they use far better connectors ,copper is 3 x better conductor then brass much more musical less bright .