Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.

I have a Wolcott P-120S amp.
While rolling some input tubes I have discovered two white LED lights just inside the tube cage at the front of the amp (left & right channel).
One is now on the other is not.
What is the purpose of these lights,
are they indicator or cosmetic lights?
There is no info in the manual.
Many thanks,
I would recommend using a plastic screw driver as there might be voltages nearby and the metal may also induce a error in the adjustment as well.
Thank you for you input.
The lamp came on after I changed the input tubes on that side.
The Wolcott P-120S is a self biasing amp,
so tube bias is something I would not think comes into play.
Also, I do not see an adjustment screw by these lights, only a mounting bar.
What Wocott model do you have?
I can't think of any other reason for a light like you describe. Even more odd is that its not in the manual. Check the amp again and look for any type of adjustment. Sometimes tube amps set their bias up so that 1 adjuster is used for 2 or more tubes (on the same channel). I guess it could be something like a power light. If the led on the other side of the amp is not on, the bulb may be bad.
I forgot to mention that you should swap the tubes position. Take the tubes in the right channel and move them to the left channel. And move the left tubes to the right channel.
I don't know the amps but some circuits use LEDS as cathode bias voltage droppers. Their low impede nice means they don't need a bypass cap.