Pushing the envelope on B&W 802 series3

Category: Speakers

Bought a pair of B&W matrix 802 series 3 a few months ago thru Audiogon. Upgraded from Polk monitor 10B. Using B&K EX 442 amp 200w/pc dual mono. Audio research LS-7 all tube Preamp. EAD transportT7000. I love them wanted this speaker for years. Any one else out there with 802 or 801 that has a good set up tell me about your experiences. I dont have the funds now for big upgrades. There isnt much more I can do except cables. I'm working on it. Thanks.
If you don't have lots of funds for component upgrades, I would work on the finer points of tuning your system. Clean all contacts. Separate your cabling so its neat. Play around with component isolation. Put some maple under your pre and cd player for instance. Inexpensive maple butcher block can be found at Home Depot.

By doing these simple things you will learn more about your system than if you went out and bought a bunch of toys.
Have the stands, got them with the speakers, thanks. Trying different cables now. we'll see. With a good recording the sound is heaven, not bright just right , great sound stage. Try "The Hunter" by Jennifer Warnes. Great vocal recording, used by Stereophile reviewers for years.
Upgraded to Tara Labs RSC Prime 1000 15' Bi-wire cable. spades on the amp end bananas on the speaker end. Also re tubed the Audio Research LS-7 preamp with new Sovtek 6922 tubes. It's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. Very Happy. The system will be featured in the Dec. issue of Audio/Video interiors magazine. Stay tuned, Poloman.
Avnut got it right. Play with the low-tech for now. try multiple positioning (move the speakers around a bit.)

Relax. enjoy. Good stuff.