Pushing the envelope on B&W 802 series3

Category: Speakers

Bought a pair of B&W matrix 802 series 3 a few months ago thru Audiogon. Upgraded from Polk monitor 10B. Using B&K EX 442 amp 200w/pc dual mono. Audio research LS-7 all tube Preamp. EAD transportT7000. I love them wanted this speaker for years. Any one else out there with 802 or 801 that has a good set up tell me about your experiences. I dont have the funds now for big upgrades. There isnt much more I can do except cables. I'm working on it. Thanks.
Have the stands, got them with the speakers, thanks. Trying different cables now. we'll see. With a good recording the sound is heaven, not bright just right , great sound stage. Try "The Hunter" by Jennifer Warnes. Great vocal recording, used by Stereophile reviewers for years.
Upgraded to Tara Labs RSC Prime 1000 15' Bi-wire cable. spades on the amp end bananas on the speaker end. Also re tubed the Audio Research LS-7 preamp with new Sovtek 6922 tubes. It's grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat. Very Happy. The system will be featured in the Dec. issue of Audio/Video interiors magazine. Stay tuned, Poloman.
Avnut got it right. Play with the low-tech for now. try multiple positioning (move the speakers around a bit.)

Relax. enjoy. Good stuff.
Negotiating now with a friend for a pair of B&K M200 monoblocks, Im sure those will help. Also funds permitting would like to send out to Musical Concepts for modifications. Either the Signature or the Platinum mod if I could afford it. That should do wonders for sound staging. Stay tuned.