put tube amp on to shelf of a rack

I am trying to put my vac 70/70 tube amp (105lb) on the bottom shelf of a rack stand and I find it very hard to do for the weight. I want it to sit on a bottom shelf like the picture here: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisa4309-vac-valve-amplification-company-renaissance-70-70-mk-ii-tube

I am using either a VTI 5-tier rack or a salamander a5 archetype rack. Anyone have experiences how to put heavy amp onto the bottom shelves? 

there ought to be a business 'Rent A Teenager'.

I've got a 3rd meniscus tear from moving my 80lb amp in/out of bottom shelf. And, all that heat rising into other equipment. New arrangement, TT elsewhere, heavy/hot amp on top.

VERY BAD idea as it will heat up all your other components.Put it on a stand on the floor for best heat dispersion and sound.
Lowes sells a $20 forklilft called a flat dolly.  Carpeted square with 4 wheels and can handle a refrigerator.  Wheel the amp where you need, even up a small homemade ramp.  Just have some sort of wedge to keep the dolly from moving when shifting the amp to the rack.
No good. He needs one small enough the forks fit between the rack. Forget Lowes, think Tonka. 

The way to do it is with two pieces of peg board or other appropriately sized boards that are smooth on one side. Place them one on top of the other leaned up into the bottom shelf. Place amp on board. Push. Slide amp into place. If you chose the right board leave it there. Otherwise use a padded wood lever to lift one side at a time to pull it out. 

Stand back crack a cold one, marvel at how clever you were, and start dreaming up ways to keep the darn thing from melting everything above it.
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Thanks a lot for all the suggestions! I think with peg boards and sliders it should work to slide it in to the bottom shelf.

However I also see the concerns about heating up equipments on top. I was not thinking about that. How about I put the tube amp on top of the shelf? My living room is a bit small and I fear that my kid would run into the amp if I put it on the floor or amp stand. 

I checked the spec, the VTI rack holds 200lb per shelf and the salamander rack holds 150lb per shelf. Are these safe numbers to put a 105lb tube amp on top?