Putting it to bed

I've read a few articles how Phil Collins of Genesis was having a hard time physically and with his ex wife. After seeing him here, it's a reminder you just can't cheat time, especially when medical issues get ahold of you. Looks like his son picked up his chops, though.

The physical part of aging SUCKS and no fun.
I can remember the first time that I saw him with Genesis after Peter Gabriel left the band, and he was dressed in an Olympic gymnast leotard and periodically doing flips off of small angled trampolines that were on either side of the stage. I guess those days are over.
I really disliked it on the Mama tour when he ended the show with a Motown medley. He was into that stuff in his solo material at that time, but it really killed the Genesis vibe. I hope that those days are over too...
He says that he can't play drums anymore, and I believe it, but I think he rode his reputation for quite a while before that happened. Listen to his playing on the first two albums after Peter Gabriel left the band, and compare it to the very basic, heavy handed feel of his playing on Invisible Touch disc. He really lost all nuance in later years.   

Saw him/Genesis late 70s,  Trick of the Tail tour when duo percussion with Chester Thompsom.  Wow.  Roxy54, agreed.  For his most virtuoso playing however,  find him playing session on BrandX Product album (Passport Records 1979).  British prog-jazz rock with other awesome members and guests (Giblin, Lumley, Goodsall).  Great stuff. 
Not sure why they wheel him out ... very sad to see Phil in this condition, prefer to remember him when he could still belt it out.  As much as I luv' Genesis I wouldn't go and see him now, too depressing.

At Bluesfest Bryon Bay they did the same thing with BB King, wheeled him out for a few songs, he could hardly play a note, so we all sadly waved him goodbye. It was not the way i wanted to remember him and I wished i hadn't seen him in that condition, it felt like exploitation.

To quote an article in the press   'I saw B B King again at the 2011 Byron Bay Bluesfest. He was the reason I had gone to Byron that year: to pay my respects to the man who made me want to play the guitar all those years ago. I also had wanted to be like him: a strong man, not brutal and physically powerful, but a man with a gentle yet unbreakable strength of spirit.

At Bluesfest, looking dangerously overweight, and appearing aged even beyond his 85 years, King was helped on after a twenty minute warmup by his band. For a further twenty minutes the King of The Blues struggled to sing and play his guitar. Despite flashes of the old strength and fire, B B was sadly off-game. The enlarged close-ups of his face on the screens both sides of the stage were meant to show his face in contortions of feeling and passion but they showed only frustration and eons of weariness around his eyes'

So true, its not right for Phil. Getting old really sucks. 
Never liked, or was a fan of him or his bands. 
My opinion. 
Not my stuff.  
 Rather listen to kayak or camel.

If he really wants to put in to bed and go out on a high, get Peter Gabriel on board.