PX-25 tube amp with Merlin VSM speakers?

I love my Merlins and am mulling over an amp upgrade. I've heard of people driving Merlins with low powered SET and OTL amps, but, for example, the Art Audio PX-25 amp is only 6 WPC. Is that enough juice?

Thanks for any insights.
First of all, great moniker! ;-)
Second, I'm in the process of building the kit right now. I wouldn't say
that it requires great technical ability, per se. Mostly it takes a few good
tools (needle-nose pliers, wire cutter, wire stripper and decent soldering
iron, plus a phillips head screwdriver). Manual dexterity is also a plus,
because you are handling some fairly small parts in some places.
Finally, I think that building a kit like this is like cooking from a recipe. If
you enjoy the process of cooking (laying out the ingredients, mixing
things together, etc.) then you'll be a good cook. Similar idea here. If you
like making things and take pleasure in the process of the build, you'll
take your time and do a great job. If you're in a hurry to get to the end
result, you won't have as much fun and you'd be more likely to make
mistakes that you'll have to troubleshoot and fix later on.
I, myself, enjoy working with my hands in this way and I'm having a blast
building this thing. To be honest, as much as I'm looking forward to
hearing what it sounds like, I know I'll have mixed feelings when the last
part is installed because the build process itself is so satisfying.
For more info, I am actually blogging the build process, with lots of
See this.
Thanks, Rebbi. Very interesting and intriguing story and thanks for blogging it! I'm curious to hear your impressions of the sonics once it's all done.
It's a minor mod to remove the PX-25 attenuator from the signal path.

But, your best bet is probably going with one of the higher-powered Art Audio SET amps like the Jota(20-30wpc, depending on output tube) or 16wpc Carissa. Even their PP amps like Concerto or Tempo would be glorious
Agree with Darkmoebius. I had the PX25 for a short while. Loved what it did but was just a few watts short of driving my Zu Definitions to max capabilities. I ended up with the Carissa at 16 watts, and that did it for me.
Anyway, (FYI) there is an Art Audio Diavolo up for sale on that other popular site for $2300.00. That comes in at 13 wpc.
FWIW, I had the Art Audio Carissa which had the attenuator. On it if you opened the attenuator completely it was removed from the signal path. I used it in this manner with a pre-amp. I believe all the AA amps are configured this way that have the volume control.

The Carissa was ont of the best amps I have owned or heard. I wish I could afford to get another one. I really miss that amp.