PX25 SET amps-Art Audio, Audion, Wavelength???

Fellow Audiohpiles,
I am considering a SET amp and in particular a PX25 based amp but to date have only located 3 brands:
* Art Audio PX25 (US$6,500)
* Audion Silver Night MKII PX25 (US$5,495)
* Wavelength Saturn PX25 (price?)

Are there others you recommend I investigate?

Of the three listed above how do they compare - is one head and shoulders above the others? I know this is subjective but any insights would be appreciated.

thanks very much,
Well... you've had the PX-25 SE Amp for about a month.
Lots of us wonder if things are still sounding great!
Gee some of these asian over-seas SE amps look good & also inexpensive. Not sure how they might sound.
Did you try any?
Ron Glaze
Ron - thanks for your post reply. I didn't come across any asian SET amps that caught my eye or that I found here to audition, so no I didn't hear any for comparison purposes.

Yes it's been a month already and the amp still sounds as wonderful as it did from day 1 . . . Now I'm experimenting with the 4 and 6 ohm taps on the amp and also the Sophia 274B.

Are you interested in SET amps? Any Art Audio specific questions or anything else I can address?
Well, this thread is now over 13 years old, but as one of the original contributors I just had to update it with my PX25 experiences in the intervening time.

The Audion PX25 Silver Night MkII that I had back then is still driving my Fab Audio Model 1's flawlessly. It's playing right now, as a matter of fact. It was out of service from 2010 to 2018 due to my lack of space for the system, so it just sat in the basement collecting dust along with the rest of my components : a Tom Evans Vibe/Pulse preamp, an Audio Note 4.1x Balanced Signature DAC, my Fabs and an ACI Titan sub.

I just set it all up again recently following my wife's death, and it is blowing me away as in days of yore. I guess almost a decade of listening to nothing but computer speakers made my ears hungry for music, and even the arrival of hearing aids hasn't dampened the pleasure. After a re-tubing the amplifier is rock-solid, and behaves as though no time had passed at all. I had forgotten just how damned good that amp is.

Kevin, if you're still out there I'd love to regain contact. I still remember my visits to your place fondly.

Here's to Audion, the PX25 tube and music.