Q. re Gemme Tanto Tweeter Replacements

Hi All.  I’m writing to ask what forum members may think of tweeter replacements or upgrades for Gemme Audio Tantos.  I love the speakers, but one of the tweeters is acting up.  I’m not sure yet whether I will need to replace it, but the issues brings up a question.

When I communicated with their designer Robert Gaboury quite a while ago, he mentioned that several owners had replaced the tweeters with Eton 26HD3 in order to get a bit more upper end in the sound.  He had no personal experience on precisely how the change sounded.  Since then, I’ve seen some sales of Tantos, where the owner replaced the tweeters with other models, perhaps because the original tweeters (Peerless by Tymphony XT19TD00-04 ¾" Dual Radiator) no longer appear to be available.

Regardless of the reason for the replacement, I would love to hear from those who have experience with Tantos with different model tweeters.  Even if I don't need to replace anything this time, perhaps newer tweeters may sound even better and could extend the life of the towers generally.  What model tweeters were used and what was the difference in sound compared to the originals???

Any information would be appreciated.  Much thanks in advance!


Let us know if the purchase works out (they have gobs of parts listed).

Wish I could post photos as the RED microwave went back to the car trunk 2+++ years ago (purchased a replacement/white Sharp unit as the color was driving me nuts) and it's still there to this day, along with numerous containers of kitty litter and TP.




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Regarding attempting to buy the tweeters through allicdata, my purchase seems to be in some kind of limbo.  The sight is a bit strange in that you create an order, and they are supposed to get back to you with a quote.  Although the amount for the part is listed, nothing indicates shipping, which I presume would not be cheap as its coming from Hong Kong, and would likely be the piece that needs to be quoted.  I'll keep pursuing, but its been almost a week with no response and I'm not counting on it.

However, as I indicated in my original post, I would still be interested in any experience with other tweeters in the Tantos.  Even if I had 80 spare originals on hand, it would be great to hear what others thought about various replacements.  My understanding is that a few owners replaced working tweeters to try to upgrade the sound.  Any Tanto owners out there who can comment?