Q sound and looking for the name of an 80s remake

Does anyone have a list of all albums available recorded with qsound? I was able to find from the qsound website the following titles:
Roger Waters-amused to death
Sting-Soul Cages
Madona - The Immaculate collection
robin hood prince of thieves sound track

Also, I know this is a terrible question but I figured it is worth a shot. I am looking for the name of a song but I don't know the artist or the song name. I was in an audio store in Motreal and they played it as a demo that they were going to take with them to the CES. It was a remake of a fairly bad 80s song but for some reason the remake was good. It was a female artist and the begining of the song had some heavy bass. That is all I know about the song but was hoping someone might be able to help me.
How about: Patricia Barber's Ode to Billy Joe on her Cafe Blue Album. It fits your description.
Paula Abdul's Spellbound album and the song was "Rush Rush". I am not sure if this is it, but you might give it a try. I had a guy who worked for me during that time and he would play it from time to time. I am pretty sure that it was recorded with "Q Sound". Hope this helps!

iTunes Link:
Hahnzie, here's the site for you. Good luck

Thanks for the responses. Rubinken, that link is exactlly what I was looking for. I had found their website but I didn't see the part off it. Thanks.
Rick Wright's solo album "Broken China" is recorded in Q sound. It sounds really good and the CD is some really good spacy music.