Who is using g Qobuz and how are you finding it? Thank you.
I'm still a free beta Qobuz user, but it integrates so well with Roon and the 96/24 sounds so good I'm sure to be a subscriber.  I plan to keep Tidal as well.
My Roon friends report they already can sort albums and have filters for hi-res selection.
You can sort for Qobuz Hi Res in Audirvana too!
I can do the same with my Roon. But to get the second, and the final MQA unfold, you need a MQA DAC. So not completely MQA you are comparing, and not fair
Of course it is unfair. Qobuz is true 24/96/192 where Tidal MQA is at best upsampled(unfolded) to 24/96 or 192 if it goes there. Ive been using Qobuz for months, and most anything that you can find in MQA on Tidal can be found in a true hi res version on Qobuz.
Classic I just got an email from Quobuz saying I may now sign up for an account. I've been a beta user for two weeks already. ;p