Qobuz hell

Ending a subscription with qobuz turned out to be hell. I did it two weeks ago only to find out that my account is still active and I am still being charged. I contacted qobuz yesterday and the first response was from a bot saying at 9AM they will be back online tomorrow. Which is actually today, so when I got online to figure out what happened, I received the rudest, most useless responses and then ending the chat by the agent. So as of now, I am unable to cancel my subscription - I don't want to use it, pay for it etc. I found it mediocre anyway.


I have no doubt I will spend many hours trying to cancel it in the coming days and get horrible treatment.


Cancelling Qobux is straightforward - go to the Qi=obuz website for your country. Click on your username top-right, select my account and you will get options to Change Plan, Update Your Payment Method and Cancel - the latter is even in red text.

The only downside is that, as others have said, your subscription will continue to the end of your payment month if you pay monthly or the end of your payment year if you pay annually (i.e. no refunds on subscriptions that you committed to).

As for searching sometimes Qobuz can be a bit clunky, but then so can Tidal and Deezer (I have had both), but certainly not so much as Amax=zon Music (which I have also had). Spotify seems to be the only one that gets that right.

The only dropouts I have ever had were when trying to play 192kHz material in the car when lost mobile (cell) signal. This is, of course, purely a function of the signal that you supply to Qobuz!

Quality - on my system the sound quality is excellent (Moon MIND 2 into a Moon 650D CDAC/CD Transport, Moon 700i and Sonus Faber Concertos, all cables are Nordost), certainly up there with CD replay for 44kHz material and for higher resolution material there seems to be that extra bit of magic. In the car, I would struggle to tell the difference from any other service.

I found Qobuz much improved from all points of view including sound quality over both Tidal (especially the lack of French R&B suggestions), Deezer and as for Amazon ;-(

Really don't know why a few posters here want to leave Qobuz, for me it's the best quality streaming service and works well. 


I also dropped Qobuz. Had nothing to do with SQ, so my streamer selection is irrelevant. The UI was far worse than Tidal and Spotify, so I’ve stuck with those. Finding a selection, an album, a good playlist, etc is a big part of the experience and I‘m very happy with Tidal Hifi (no MQA) for SQ. Thankfully I had no issue cancelling Qobuz.

I also had problem canceling Qobuz, and did it with a call to my credit card company.  
  Qobuz was reasonably stable with my streamers at home but was terrible on the move, whether I was walking or driving, with both Apple and Android mobile devices

My playlist on Qobuz is full of the songs I grew up listening to and a lot of new ones as well from suggestions from members here. I use the BluOS app and it works great. Couldn’t be happier