Qobuz hell

Ending a subscription with qobuz turned out to be hell. I did it two weeks ago only to find out that my account is still active and I am still being charged. I contacted qobuz yesterday and the first response was from a bot saying at 9AM they will be back online tomorrow. Which is actually today, so when I got online to figure out what happened, I received the rudest, most useless responses and then ending the chat by the agent. So as of now, I am unable to cancel my subscription - I don't want to use it, pay for it etc. I found it mediocre anyway.


I have no doubt I will spend many hours trying to cancel it in the coming days and get horrible treatment.



Thanks for the Tidal advice.... you know, I have not made any of my own playlists at all.  I do lots of searches, and play songs and albums, but haven't spent the time to make playlists, as I don't think I'd ever play a playlist that I made. 

Which brings me to a thought.... why isn't there a manual or user guide or tutorial on how best to use Tidal??  I remember looking for info on how to use the app, and came up empty.  Maybe its on me for not digging more, but I still find myself swearing at the interface!  


Just FYI for those in the U.S. who might not know: If you like Tidal (any paid tier, with or without MQA) you can get it for a yearly subscription through Best Buy "dirt cheap", and make it price competitive with any other streaming service. That’s what I have: Tidal HiFi (no MQA) CD quality and I’m more than happy with it, especially now that more streamers have the Tidal Connect app. Ease of use is almost as important as sound quality, at least for me.

I have been a Qobuz subsciber since their beginning in France. Hi Res was is still is audibly better than cd quality. I used Slimdevices transporter and now  Aurender NH100  which ties in to Qobuz nicely.  I also bougnt many hi res albums (over 100) . The hard drive version used to sound a bit better, but now with clean ethernet the difference in gone. 

I had Spotify for its suggestion algorithm, then got the songs from Qobuz. Big difference in SQ. I cancelled Spotify to protest their disinformation endorsment and moved to Apple music., much improved since 5 years ago. Better suggestion algorithm, covers all languages and styles, not 80s biased like Tidal. (I think MQA is not convincing and doomed). 

Cancelling any subscription on the web is a pain. Everything is done to make you fumble and forget a little detail. Qobuz should do better on this.

"Cancelling any subscription on the web is a pain"

sometimes I have to call customer support and ask where can I cancel and they direct me to my settings, change my profile then go to some feedback page, login again, find the uncontinue link, set it to suspend unti 2099 and then confirm it via email too :)

So I did try Qobuz for the past month, and I'm now trying to cancel it.  Yeah, it's not easy.  While I'm 99% sure I signed up for the monthly service, they went and charged me $129 for an entire year!  I was able to stop the renewal, but I'm still stuck with a 1-year purchase that I did not want. I don't mind losing 12.99/mo to try it out, but not willing to sacrifice $130!   Their customer service chat is "not available" and there's no way to leave a message or email them.  I have no choice but to dispute the charge with my credit service, and waiting to see how that goes.