Qobuz or Tidal?

Qobuz or Tidal? And why?

Aurender, good DAC, no MQA. US.
I've got both and slightly prefer qobuz SQ but if I had to pick one, I'd go with tidal because most of the music I like is available. I listen mostly to jazz, folk, classic rock, alt pop, electronica. Very little classical, country, rap. 
i really like Qobuz...  I had Tidal and it was OK .  i use Qobuz everywhere, on my phone, PC, Vault 2i , Samsung Tab...  at home. work, in car.... best $15 I spend on anything .....

more and more 24/96 and 192k content available.   
Like many, have had both but Qobuz wins on sound, support and their constant improvement approach interfacing with users. They maintain a forum on the former audiophilestyle.com site. 

The value is is great and if you want to own music, their pricing is very reasonable, another nice benefit. You own the download forever. 

Another vote for Qobuz. I have zero use for MQA. Using Roon to decode MQA, I have preference for PCM. When I had both, Tidal definitely had a bigger library but Qobuz keeps adding and I’m not sure Tidal maintains that one advantage. 
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